Welcome to Approaring! This website is decided to host basic information about our applications. As our field of business indicates, we don’t provide any application services directly from within this site. This is   just a means for minimal communication with our customers.

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  • AccloGizmo : Drag Test utility application with extra features for Android




AppRoaring website is the realm of our mobile application efforts. Approaring group has dedicated itself to realize its mobile application ideas through incorporating essential expertise like networking, android and iOS development, etc.

AcceloGizmo mobile application is just the starting point. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your important viewpoints with our team. We are welcoming your kind messages and try to take necessary steps accordingly to come up with better user-centered applications.


AcceloGizmo in its early version incorporates essential functionality as expected by average pros, such as reporting important environment values in addition to acceleration report. Additional functionalities like means for taking selfie picture and combining it with reasult page provided for convenience.


General customer feedback to:  info@approaring.com

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